Monday, November 22, 2010

my new work. acrylic trial. =P

begin with some random sketches... suddenly i want to make something with skull image on it. :3

This time i wanna try painting on wood, and because i dunno where to get a wood panel (and i don't have much money that time) so i think i have to search another option. When i walked in a supermarket, at the kitchen and household section i found this thing.. maybe you can guess what it is. =P it's made from wood, flat, and it has a hole so you can hang it on the wall. Perfect!

Then i begin to sketch on it, with a brown color pencil. The concept is.. imaginary friend :)

The painting process ...
DONE! approximately time.. 3 weeks.. haha i'm LAZY! (did it on weekends only)

The surface of the wood is kinda rough so it made my drawings kinda messy, maybe i should refine it with a sandpaper.. hmm.. i'll try later. Well.. It's fun doin' a traditional painting but there's still many things to learn.... \( * A*)/

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