Tuesday, November 29, 2011


- wanderlust -
a desire to travel, to understand one's very existence

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My First collaboration artwork with Roby Dwi Antono :D

This is my first collaboration project with the talented young artist from Yogyakarta, Roby Dwi Antono . I love his works very very muchhh, and luckily i had a chance to collaborate with him. First i came up with with this ugly rough sketch..

Then i give it to Roby and explain the main concept of this drawing.. And after 2 days... He sent me an email..
OMG! He works fast and improvise the drawing.. and it became much much more amazing than i expected. You rocks Robyyy!!! *whoot*

And now it's my turn to complete the artworks.. So here it is..


CIRCULUS (circle)
- Bodies grow slowly and die quickly -
from Latin proverbs

It's nice to collaborate with you Roby!!! :D

Halloween Art Fair Exhibition @ Mazee Fx Jakarta

Here's some sneak peek from the Halloween Art Fair Group Exhibition that was held from 15 until 30 October 2011 at Fx Lifestyle X'nter Jakarta.

the imaginary friends are here! ;D

Happy Halloween everybody!