Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Random Cutenessssss!!!

omg it's already december.. time goes really fast. (T▽T;)

Let's cheer this new month with some cuteness spammmm!!
(the cute side of me has awaken

Ryoko's artwork.. this cute bunnies really makes me melt.. haa kawaiiiiii..

source : all things kawaii
this website contains directory links for everything cute, mostly on japanese...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

the monstrous grim

the monstrous grim. a character made for my new T-Shirt Brand : Gloomps
still on progress =P hope it'll be launched this december

Monday, November 22, 2010

my new work. acrylic trial. =P

begin with some random sketches... suddenly i want to make something with skull image on it. :3

This time i wanna try painting on wood, and because i dunno where to get a wood panel (and i don't have much money that time) so i think i have to search another option. When i walked in a supermarket, at the kitchen and household section i found this thing.. maybe you can guess what it is. =P it's made from wood, flat, and it has a hole so you can hang it on the wall. Perfect!

Then i begin to sketch on it, with a brown color pencil. The concept is.. imaginary friend :)

The painting process ...
DONE! approximately time.. 3 weeks.. haha i'm LAZY! (did it on weekends only)

The surface of the wood is kinda rough so it made my drawings kinda messy, maybe i should refine it with a sandpaper.. hmm.. i'll try later. Well.. It's fun doin' a traditional painting but there's still many things to learn.... \( * A*)/

Friday, November 19, 2010

my new online portfolio and my new guy ;D

When i checked my email this morning i saw an invitation email to join www.glossom.com, it's a website for creative people (design, photograpy, illustration, etc) to promote their works. Maybe it's kinda like deviantart or behance.net but with some difference interface...

well i've made my account there you can visit me here http://www.glossom.com/wickana
There's so many artists and illustrator from around the world (yay! new sources for collecting ideas) >:)

i don't have many portfolio.. it's kinda bored to see that work again, again, uploaded again.. (lazy me) i'm wishing for energy and motivation boost! (up! up)


Lately i've been interested with this guy :">

he's andy sixx from a rock band (emo? screamo? dunno :| ) called Black Veil Brides. He really catches my attention with his apperance.. scary with heavy makeups, black outfits but inspite of that he has a charming face (i'm a fangirl anyway LOL). And now their songs are listed on my winamp playlist.. hee heee.. YAY for Sexy Andy Sixx!! :P

Thursday, November 18, 2010

funny concept art from H O K O studio

today i found this very simple, neat website and despite of that their works are really great. I love their ideas and how they visualize the images on soft and comfy color tones. heart this!! ;D

i took some snapshot from their website.. here some of my favourites

the alphabetical hangers XD


can you guess what it is?

they re-use the old magazine as an ashtray !

you can find the rest here hokostudio