Friday, November 19, 2010

my new online portfolio and my new guy ;D

When i checked my email this morning i saw an invitation email to join, it's a website for creative people (design, photograpy, illustration, etc) to promote their works. Maybe it's kinda like deviantart or but with some difference interface...

well i've made my account there you can visit me here
There's so many artists and illustrator from around the world (yay! new sources for collecting ideas) >:)

i don't have many portfolio.. it's kinda bored to see that work again, again, uploaded again.. (lazy me) i'm wishing for energy and motivation boost! (up! up)


Lately i've been interested with this guy :">

he's andy sixx from a rock band (emo? screamo? dunno :| ) called Black Veil Brides. He really catches my attention with his apperance.. scary with heavy makeups, black outfits but inspite of that he has a charming face (i'm a fangirl anyway LOL). And now their songs are listed on my winamp playlist.. hee heee.. YAY for Sexy Andy Sixx!! :P

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