Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kopi Keliling Volume 6 @ 1/15 Coffee Jakarta

Kopi Keliling is an art project that choose coffee as their main issue. The exhibitions already held many times and now i get a chance to join the party, yay! Beside the exhibitions, i also join their mini art market, i sell some art products such as postcards, artprints and also pendant necklace.

The title of my work is Coffee Cantata,the main concept is about coffee addiction, i got the idea after reading an article on the internet about how the coffee culture already spread in Germany on 18th century. At that time the famous German composer, JS bach compose a music that inspired by this issue. I use Bach's Coffee Cantata partiture as my drawing base, pour some coffee for the paper texture and do the coloring with acrylic paint. And here is the result !

This is the display for my mini art market :

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