Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My First collaboration artwork with Roby Dwi Antono :D

This is my first collaboration project with the talented young artist from Yogyakarta, Roby Dwi Antono . I love his works very very muchhh, and luckily i had a chance to collaborate with him. First i came up with with this ugly rough sketch..

Then i give it to Roby and explain the main concept of this drawing.. And after 2 days... He sent me an email..
OMG! He works fast and improvise the drawing.. and it became much much more amazing than i expected. You rocks Robyyy!!! *whoot*

And now it's my turn to complete the artworks.. So here it is..


CIRCULUS (circle)
- Bodies grow slowly and die quickly -
from Latin proverbs

It's nice to collaborate with you Roby!!! :D


  1. makasi astriiiid :D :D ini gara2 Roby yang bikin gambarnya lebih keren haha